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If you would like further information, please contact us at:


Running a sporting competition comes with expenses, especially when you are starting from the ground up. Community football clubs (which is what we are) need to financially support themselves. Donations are tax deductible. We are seeking sponsors to help with our start up costs:

  • Playing Guernseys

  • Footballs (sized 4)

  • Trainers / Strapping equipment

  • Ground hire

  • Promotional Material

  • Costs towards an improved website

If you would like to be a part of making history, our first inaugural women’s masters competition for over 30s, and help us grow into the future, email us or call to further discuss sponsorship opportunities:

or M: 0430 007 756


E-mail Hours Your expression of interest will be passed on to your local club for the purpose of informing you of how to get involved.
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